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anniversary of 9/11. >> leaders have condemned the plan to set fire to the holy islamic book. jay korff joins us live with the latest on this controversy. >> pasteur terry jones appeared moved -- compelled to move forward with his plan, a move he admitted will offend people. >> as of right now we are not convinced backing down is the right thing. >> a defined terry jones says his protests against radical islam by letting their book on fire is on for a saturday, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >> our burning of the koran is to call attention to something wrong. >> this has garnered worldwide outrage. secretary of state clinton echoed sentiments from david
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petraeus. images of a burning k could incite violence -- images of a burning koran could incite violence against u.s. troops. >> a pastor of a church with 50 people can make this outrage and disgraceful plan and get the world's attention. >> he appears to have the right to destroy copies of the koran, doing so is seen as offensive. the verses of the profit muhamed are considered sacred. jones indicated despite death threats, supporters of his protest continue to mail him copies of a sacred text he intends on destroying. a security concern is significant that state department officials are warning u.s. embassies to prepare for protest if the book burning occurs.
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three men in custody in pakistan since the failed car bombing attack will face charges. they are accused of aiding and financing the bomber. they will be charged with terrorism. shazad has pleaded guilty to weapons charges. >> they blame game in the oil spill in the gulf of mexico, bp has released a report saying with a feel is responsible. that is causing controversy. scott thuman joins us with more. >> bp faces hundreds of lawsuits and it will do its best to explain and share blame for this disaster. this report is 193 pages and alleges a series of mistakes. it was a drilling project 43
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days behind schedule. bp admits that gap may have contributed to the disaster but does not mean it is taking the blame. bp pointed its finger at transocean and halliburton. in this video bp describes the panic that ensued when the well blew. they quickly try to divert the mud. combustible gases began spreading and alarms sound all across the rate. one minute later pressure reaches a critical level. >> there was a roaring noise. >> then an explosion. >> the investigation to move forward for the families. >> bp lays most of the blame on a bad cement job and misinterpreted pressure readings. this is not bp's mea culpa.
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bp is happy to slice the blame as long as they get the smallest piece. transocean said this is a self- serving report. the white house says its focused on finding out what went wrong with the blowout preventer, an examination that still has not taken place despite the finished investigation. there are plenty of investigations going on. the department of justice, halliburton, even a presidential commission looking into this matter, so this is not the last we have heard. some good news from the labor department. in july and a number of advertise jobs was up by 6% to 3 million. this was the highest total since april. still, nearly five unemployed
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people are vying for each job opening. the total openings remain below the 4.4 million jobs that existed in december 2007. the president unveiled more about his economic plan. speaking in the ohio, he called for extending tax cuts only for the middle class. he says republicans want to continue tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. he addressed house minority leader john a boehner. he could become speaker of the house if the gop takes over. >> let me be clear, we should not hold middle-class tax cuts hostage any longer. [applause] we are ready this week if they want to give tax cuts to every american making $250,000 or less. >> until this uncertainty is
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under control i don't think this will have much impact. >> congressman boehner is calling for a freeze on all tax rates. he once the government to cut spending to 2008 levels. a lot of talk in washington over the future of rahm emanuel. it looks like insiders are thinking he will end up running for mayor of chicago. he never made a secret of the fact he liked the job. he expressed surprised when the chicago mayor announced he is not seeking another term. david axelrod seems to believe in it is a possibility. he says running for mayor is an attractive opportunity and the president would support his decision. still to come, changes up top. why you could be paying more for wine and cocktails. >> the martin luther king
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memorial controversy. who is set to work on the site? >> feeling stressed out? how d.c. ranks on a national survey. >> there is some relief from these high temperatures around a corner, but no relief from this dry weather. we will talk about both minutes away.
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the search is on for the man who finally attacked a woman at a bus stop. this happened just before dawn near franconia road. the woman told officers someone grabbed her and sexually assaulted her. she described her attacker as heavyset wearing a white t- shirt. if you know anything about this case, called crime solvers. more than 600 executives at lockheed will take buyouts. 25% of all executives -- they will cut its work force nationally by 10,000. this is one of many by lucky to
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cut spending. they are anticipating a reduced budget. the virginia governor is serving up a new idea for liquor sales. bob mcdonnell unveiled his plan to privatize liquor stores. he wants to auction off liquor licenses. he is proposing a 4% tax on liquor sold at bars and restaurants. the extra funds will go towards highway projects. are you feeling frazzled? the capital city is one of the most stressed out cities. d.c. ranks 15th out of the 50 metropolitan areas. the analysis looks at unemployment rates, housing costs and traffic. detroit is the most stressed out city. virginia beach and salt lake city had the lowest stress levels. coming up, martin luther king
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memorial controversy. who is working on the site has upset some people. >> just another beautiful day. how many more will we get? doug hill is back with your forecast. >> mike shanahan speaks out and is very definitive. the nationals and the metts battle it out on street.
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there is a new controversy surrounding the martin luther king memorial to be placed at the national mall. the controversy is not over the memorial but over who is assembling the sculpture. >> i think they should be hiring americans. >> we are doing everything we can to provide -- to bring chinese in does not make sense. >> americans were disgruntled. the memorial will be erected by the chinese. >> the human rights violations
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have smacked in the face of what dr. king stood for. >> a skilled chinese sculptor was selected to carve a grand. a sculpting team was planning over to -- planning to come over come up but one analyst said it is an accepted to have foreigners doing the work. >> with such high unemployment in america, we don't need to hire anyone from outside the country. >> the union says the federal government should be prioritizing americans for every job right now. they have asked secretary clinton to the nine chinese workers there visas. >> they are more than qualified. they are willing to come to work and have the privilege to work on the monument. >> we reached out to the project for a statement but they did
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not provide us with one. >> a beautiful day today. >> exceptionally dry. if you have been watching the weather and straight through you are entitled to say i am obsessive compulsive about this dew point and humidity. it is like being in july in phoenix. >>, down. >> it is crazy stuff. the weatherbug and make a few stops. 83 degrees right now in germantown. dew point down to 30 degrees. let's try another one. 88 degrees in alexandria. waldorf is much more humid. the humidity is 18%. let's move on with the graphics.
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96 is the official high at reagan national. four degrees shy of the record. it is the 26 time this year it has been 95 degrees or hotter. 90 degrees in leesburg, at 89 degrees in fairfax. there will be a dramatic change tonight. temperatures will drop very quickly. already in the 70's across parts of pennsylvania. 66 degrees in pennsylvania. it will be a remarkable change. still some hot stuff along the coast. we are watching the rain continuing to spread through eastern texas, spreading into southeast oklahoma. we are in this clear spot.
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cooler temperatures during the day over the next couple of days. we will see temperatures in the upper 70's tomorrow. another sunny day on saturday and on sunday there is a cold front. it will not have a lot of moisture, so only a 40% chance of showers. here is the express for thursday. sunshine and 62 in the city. 74 at midday. 78 will be the high. breezy tomorrow and 78 and sunshine. saturday near 80. on sunday, increasing clouds and maybe a shower. pleasant weather early next week.
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big game sunday night. >> here is what they say. they say teams that win their openers are twice as likely to make the playoffs. it is mike shanahan's debut. all we keep hearing about is albert haynesworth. bruce allen said albert haynesworth is a redskin. when pressed, mike shanahan made it clear. >> let me say it again, albert will be with us this week. i thought i would help you guys. we will just leave it at that. >> if somebody had something they wanted to talk about you would not listen to that? >> i guess you did not hear what i said. >> that guy was from the nfl network.
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focus on the matchups. the key matchup will be at left tackle. ware is one of the best pass rushers. >> it would have been easier to start off with somebody not as good, [unintelligible] >> there are a lot of ways of slowing him down. that was our approach in philadelphia, chip to the receiver. that is respect for guys we played. >> the nfl season kicks off tomorrow night as a rematch of the saints and vikings. the nationalists lost a heartbreaker to the mets this afternoon. this is a game they look like they had in hand. it was 2-1 nationals. here we go, and bam, he takes that to deep left
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field. this is the yankees and orioles. this came down to the bottom of the ninth. watched a guy in the bullpen. he never even moves off that bench. the yankees go on to win 3-2. all you penn state fans, neck said the heisman trophy winner said he will not plan on saturday. still recovering from knee surgery. they are favored by 12. that is a look at sports. >> do you like the redskins sunday? >> i think it will be a tough opener. >> you ought to run with politics. we have a four alarm row house fire in baltimore. no word on injuries
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pandemonium in madrid tonight. two panda cubs were born at the is due yesterday. they were 5 ounces each. it will be a few days before they examine them to determine their genders. they are wildly popular and are a symbol of the spanish culture.
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rooftop look at the camera. it is spectacular out there. if you are a stargazer, it will be spectacular. today's 96 degree heat is on the way out. much cooler tomorrow in the upper 70's. it will be tried. i don't know if we will have the red flag warning back. we climb into the upper 70's, but a very pleasant day. the next seven days show cooler air on friday. 80 degrees on saturday and a chance of showers on sunday. >> it starts to cool off at 7:21 this evening. how fast will it cold? >> it is like being on mars.
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